Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go by Britta Teckentrup & Patricia Hegarty (Little Tiger Press)

11892064_10153470415535446_7800251686261862043_nA deceptively simple and stunningly creative look at the changing of the seasons, using a solitary tree.

Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go‘,  is yet another timeless creation by the genius that is Britta Teckentrup and Patricia Hegarty.

Teckentrup’s signature style easily identifiable from the noteworthy cover.

11891056_10153470415605446_1464885382826732542_nWith her unique artwork and ingenious die-cuts on each spread, Teckentrup cleverly brings the tree to life, with the turn of a page.

Hegarty’s gently rolling rhyme helps each season slowly come to life, then burst into action, with flurries of snow, an abundance of techni-colour leaves and a plethora of busy animals preparing in their own ways for the onset of the next season.

11870857_10153470415570446_3981472086040109716_nAs we witness each season come and go, with the subtle, colourful changes to the tree and those that inhabit it, this makes for a fun and informative introduction to the seasons for a younger audience.

This formidable duo have undoubtedly crafted another winner and one that will stand the test of time as seasons come and seasons go.


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