What a Naughty Bird! by Sean Taylor & Dan Widdowson (Templar Publishing)

what-a-naughty-bird-9781499801385_hrWe spotted this striking cover courtesy of Twitter and we wondered just how naughty can this bird be?

Then we got our mitts on a copy and found out just how naughty!!!

Oh boy, they weren’t joking!



Meet bird, a very naughty bird, who finds fun in landing a poo on a great, big elephant’s head or splatting a big bull right between his horns.

In fact, he takes great pleasure in pooing on anyone or indeed, anything.

But what happens when this naughty little bird meets his match?

11903894_10153470385825446_8978702871897897773_nWith a five-star romping rhyme from the inimitable Sean Taylor and bold, characterful illustrations from Dan Widdowson, this coupling cannot fail to amuse any reader.

My six year old was particularly tickled by the birds antics and found much hilarity in the bear’s expression when he was targeted.

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