Whatever Happened To My Sister? by Simona Ciraolo (Flying Eye Books)

11221353_10153432301980446_6424311075004658131_nWhatever happened to my sister?’ by Simona Ciraolo is a moving tale of the transient phase between childhood and adolescence and the innate impact on those who get left behind along the way.

In this follow up to ‘Hug me‘, a young girl sets out to find out what happened to her older sister.

11705289_10153432302045446_6380466367080830098_n“I’d had my suspicions for a while that someone had replaced my sister with a girl who looked a lot like her.”

Where did she go? Who is this imposter?

She’s taller than she remembers and she no longer has a penchant for the pretty things in life.

And she says ‘No’ an awful lot!

11242064_10153432302085446_2178739671583065221_nWith an empathetic illustrative style, Ciraolo manages to conjure up an emotive set of spreads to make even the hardest reader’s heart melt.

Ciraolo’s clever use of palette throughout the book helps to convey the mood of the text. Hues of blue and grey dominate the the first two thirds of this heart breaking tale, followed by pops of orange and red towards the latter end of the book.


The strong imagery and visual narrative make this a great book for emerging readers and it would make a perfect read for a younger sibling who may be feeling a little left out.

If this story doesn’t leave a lump in your throat, then not much else will. A truly emotive picture book and another beautifully created package from Flying Eye Books.

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