Drive by Kellen Hatanaka (Groundwood Books)

11042939_10153424664125446_8543530178710825168_nWe absolutely adored Kellen Hatanaka‘s illustrative style in ‘Work’ and ‘Drive’ is no different. His trademark use of clean lines and inspired choices of colour palette are synonymous with his work and easily identifiable from anything else we’ve seen.

Hatanaka’s distinct graphic design style, coupled with a simple but informative text makes for a fascinating read on roadside opposites.

11781853_10153424664585446_7115824835324178329_nHatanaka takes a number of varied and less usual roadside opposites and translates them into a visual feast for the reader.

Take this fold-out spread that initially denotes a ‘Worm’s-eye view’ and then opens up to illustrate a stunning four-page bird’s-eye view.


We particularly love this double-page spread that denotes ‘wet’, dry’, ‘day’ and ‘night’.

Hatakana uses the same repeated image of the car and scenery, then adds small but poignant details to italicise the differences in the opposing pictures. We love the addition of the umbrella for ‘wet’.


The impact of these images is so strong, executed with limited palette, minimalist composition and bold use of shape, Hatakana certainly knows his art.

This introduction to opposites would be a great primer for pre school children and puts these opposing scenarios into context for young children.


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