El Deafo by Cece Bell

11227858_10153420286500446_3830953493714088553_nI can’t help but feel compelled to post this review by my 8 year old of the award winning ‘El Deafo’ by Cece Bell.

My daughter was engrossed in this clever, witty and compelling graphic novel from the outset. So much so, I just had to read it once she’d released it from her grip.

11751753_10153420286525446_1750943387407387328_n-1She read it within one sitting and even declined an ice lolly which is testament to Cece Bell. We then found out that ‘El Deafo’ was included in The Guardian Young Critics Competition and Lucy asked if she could write her own review. She spent hours making sure it included her favourite bits, how she felt about the book and if she would recommend it to anyone. Other than a few grammatical changes and spelling corrections, this is all Lucy’s own work.

11705313_10153420286740446_7670670652520724205_n“I liked this book because it made me understand more how deaf people might feel. It’s a book about Cece Bell who wrote the book, which I like because she actually went through these things and the book is about her life when she was little.

Cece is 4 years old when she is really ill in hospital and when she gets better she can’t hear. They realise she needs a hearing aid and she gets a special pouch to put it in.

11800270_10153420299480446_1033701531661594574_nShe ends up going to a school with lots of other deaf children. But then she has to move house and she goes to a new school with children who can hear and she has to wear her Phonic ear which won’t fit in her pouch and everyone stares at it.

I loved it that she likes Batman because I love Superheroes too and she calls herself ‘El Deafo’. It was funny that she can hear her teacher in the toilet with her special super powers.

11745703_10153420309745446_3413504286849057727_nCece just wants a friend and she goes for a sleepover at Ginny’s house but they don’t realise she doesn’t like her face being touched and she needs the light on and they are mean to her.

Then Cece makes a friend called Martha, but one day they are chasing each other and Cece runs into a branch which makes her eye bleed and Martha gets scared that it was her fault and now she might be blind and deaf. So she runs away from Cece.

11751792_10153420292745446_306948122776072802_nMike Miller finds out that Cece has super hearing powers and he tells the class who think Cece is brilliant. Then Martha and Cece are friends again and they become a Superhero team.

I really like comics and this book is just like a big comic. It’s got lots of pictures and not much writing so it is easy to read.

There are two twins at school and their parents are deaf, this book has made me think whether they were deaf when they were born or if they lost their hearing later.

I have given this book to my friend because I think she will like it too.”

One thought on “El Deafo by Cece Bell

  1. I loved your daughter’s review of El Deafo. I, too loved this book and I am, …um… a lot older than 8. (Don’t ask.) As I navigate my own experiments in visual story telling, it is very interesting for me to see how others are doing this. If you haven’t read it yet, I would highly recommend Victoria Jamieson’s Roller Girl. Not only will you love it, but I think your daughter will as well.

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