Bunny vs Monkey – Book Two by Jamie Smart

11745788_10153398860865446_7805140901736080400_nWe love nothing more than to see a child lost in a book and whilst we appreciate not every child is a natural reader, there’s a lot to be said for finding the right material for each child.

In our humble opinion, the Phoenix Comic gang have got it spot on. Just look at this 8 year old devouring the latest in the ‘Bunny vs Monkey‘ series by Jamie Smart. Just one of the fabulous ‘Phoenix Presents’ series of books.

11221457_10153398908565446_5021105469726283406_nBunny vs Monkey Book Two‘ follows a monkey in laser-firing hovercraft on his mission to make mischief in the once peaceful woods, home to bunny and his friends.

Watch as the battle continues between good and evil, as science takes on nature against trojan mooses, robotic worms and other weird and wonderful creations.

Jamie Smart‘s follow-up to Book One has proved a hit here from a 6, 8, 9 and a couple of 40+ year olds.


Comics, or graphic novels, can be a really accessible form of reading material for all ages.

With an emphasis on both pictures and words, these quality stories can also be a great tool to assist with the transition from picture books to chapter books.

Although, we firmly believe you’re never too old for picture books 😉

11742790_10153398860935446_8119395400303318308_nThere’s something for everyone in this series. From Gary Northfield‘s ‘Gary’s Garden‘ which includes ninja hedgehogs, moody caterpillars and Ladybirds who are partial to a bit of space travel, to The Etherington brothers  hilarioulsly dangerous ‘Long Gone Don‘ where a 10 year old boy has to fight a group of villainous monstrosities.

We defy you not to find the perfect read in The Phoenix Presents range.

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