Zippo the Super Hippo by Kes Gray and Nikki Dyson

11268074_10153397391635446_6454799534268389414_nIt’s not always straightforward, finding your own personal super power and particularly not for Zippo the hippo who thinks his only ability lies in getting muddy and his clumsy plodding.

He doesn’t think he possesses any super powers at all, until his best friend Roxi the oxpecker, comes to his aid. Like any unwavering friend Roxi points out all of his good points and soon encourages Zippo to try flying.

11737810_10153397391700446_4552311970086787479_nAnd why not?!

Errrrrrr, here’s why not…!

Every time he attempts one of his flight missions he lands on one of his unassuming jungle friends and whilst hilarious to watch, it always ends up with disastrous consequences for those around him.

11751865_10153397391745446_326536142112524201_nFrom a flattened feathery friend or two, to a crushed croc, poor Zippo’s super power doesn’t seem so super after all.

Or does it?

Once again, Roxi comes to Zippo’s aid and points out that his super power is all in the landing. “You got’ em with your bottom!”

11222804_10153397391670446_3205205717731134362_nHis more than ample bottom is Zippo’s super power. He’s not just a hippo he’s a super hippobottomus!

In this side-splitting story about self discovery, Nikki Dyson’s hippo-licious illustrations provide the perfect rib-tickling companion to Kes Gray’s laugh-out-loud story.

This will provide much hilarity for children and adults alike and we’re all for bottom power here!


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