The Marvellous Fluffy Squishy Itty Bitty by Beatrice Alemagna (Thames & Hudson)

11745491_10153393462660446_7000895033596756688_nThere’s something very refreshing about Beatrice Alemagna’s work. It’s most definitely an inventive style, synonymous with no other.

Her work is constantly evolving and her latest book highlights this to absolute perfection.

Already a bestseller in France, ‘The Marvellous Fluffy Squishy Itty Bitty‘ is very much a journey of self-discovery.

11202441_10153393462840446_6890771426991490427_nEdith wakes up to find out it’s her Mother’s birthday. She hears her sister utter the words “present… Mum… birthday… fluffy… squishy… itty… bitty…”

Whilst Eddie doesn’t think she’s very good at anything, with a little help from Edith’s (or Eddie, as she’s known) friends, she is sure she will find the most perfect present for her Mum’s birthday.

11540912_10153393462695446_8944792217388475709_nShe heads to her friend Bruno who runs the bakery and asks him for a ‘fluffy squishy itty bitty’, but Bruno was none the wiser and sent her off with a lovely warm sticky bun.

Next comes Wendy the florist, but she too has no idea what a ‘fluffy squishy itty bitty’ is and instead she hands her a lucky four-leaf clover, which should hopefully bring her luck.

11698670_10153393462880446_5632833715075518968_nHaving exhausted all of her helpful and not so helpful friends, Eddie is still without the illusive ‘fluffy squishy itty bitty’ but will she ever find that perfect present?

Alemagna captures this story immaculately with the use of rich, poetic language and a range of media including collage, paint and pencil. The zingy pops of flourescent pink detail immediately draw the readers eye into the heart of the book and explore the limitlessness of a child’s imagination.

This book was a resounding success here for both children and adults. We relished in the artwork and took great pleasure in Eddie finding the perfect gift her mother.

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