The Tea Party in the Woods by Akiko Miyakoshi (Kids Can Press)

11013119_10153378984465446_863529203812670779_nThis is another gem we spotted courtesy of Twitter and we knew we’d love it. Kids Can Press have done it again.

‘The Tea Party in the Woods’ by Akiko Miyakoshi is a beautifully imaginative story, coupled with raw and highly alluring, almost eery charcoal illustrations.

We see Kikko following her father’s steps to deliver a parcel, on what turns out to be an enchanting journey to the woods.


“Kikko set out, following her father’s tracks in the fresh snow.”

A magical story unfolds with the turn of each page, reminiscent of a classical fairytale with a slick contemporary twist.

With a sparse but clever use of colour, the images become even more poignant and add another layer of mystery to this already charming tale.


As Kikko ventures further into the woods, she stumbles across an upright, smartly dressed lamb who welcomes her into a house full of more well-attired animals.

Kikko lingers hesitantly as she is greeted to a room full animals, from rabbits and goats to large bears and antlered-deer. How will they respond to her visit?

11698502_10153378984570446_2252561489969045699_nThe animals greet Kikko with a warm welcome and they help her on her way to Grandma’s house.

Miyakoshi’s clever composition of each spread makes for a fluid read and the depth of field on every page draws your eye in to every available detail.

This is an incredibly powerful picture book and we look forward to more creations by Akiko Miyakoshi.


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