Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Iassen Ghiuselev

11665515_10153375189375446_7806449027337201172_nIn celebration of 150 years of the much loved classic ‘Alice in Wonderland‘, we have unearthed another sumptuous production by Simply Read Books, thanks to Sara O’Leary.

We have our own small collection of various iterations of ‘Alice’ and it’s impossible to choose a favourite, particularly as they’re all executed so very differently.

11693824_10153375189470446_4870749370556214823_nFrom Helen Oxenbury to Tove Jansson, each bring something new and refreshing to a well-known classic.

Each with glorious new and sometimes unexpected details, they all capture their own unique take on ‘Alice’ and this limited edition by Iassen Ghiuselev has this in abundance.

11219363_10153375189510446_2633732552879278045_nWith extraordinary illustrations packed with detail and the use of perspective that defies all logic, it’s so easy to get lost in each spread.

The magical images accompany the classic words to perfection and capture the essence of ‘Alice’ to a tee.

11701063_10153375189415446_5276559223317674741_nGhiuselev’s clever use of muted tones and limited colour palettes certainly doesn’t limit his bounds of creativity and his interpretation brings an eerie excellence to the story.

With the additional embellishment of exquisite calligraphy, this pictoral iteration is a must-have for any collection.

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