William Heads to Hollywood by Helen Hancocks

10570410_10153355916640446_1185529587226367636_nIn a most sensational sequel to ‘William and the MIssing Masterpiece‘ comes Helen Hancocks‘ next offering in the life of the loveable William, aka ‘International cat of mystery’.

In Helen Hancocks third picture book, ‘William Heads to Hollywood‘ adds a definite touch of glamour, romance and undeniable mischief, to the latest episode in William’s eventful travels.

11010628_10153355916760446_7062609164019370237_nHancocks beautifully clean, stylised images are packed with colour and intricate detail. There’s so much to spot, in fact, watch out for a rather familiar penguin 😉

We follow our feline detective, as he heads across the pond on his American adventure only to find that the much sought-after golden Cuckoo statues have mysteriously gone missing.

But who could have stolen them?

11667421_10153355916710446_8337193740189125988_nIt’s down to our mystery-solving moggy to schmooze the stars and find out who has nabbed the trophies.

But everyone knows a hero needs a sidekick, enter Audrey, William’s feline fatale.

We won’t spoil the ending for you, but needless to say with Audrey’s assistance, the purrfect pair manage to track down the missing statues and catch the culprit red handed.

11536099_10153355916685446_2421921874373511789_nYou can’t fail to love this debonair detective and we can’t wait for the next installment in his globetrotting adventures.

William Heads to Hollywood‘ is out next week, published by Templar Publishing.


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