Grandma’s House by Alice Melvin

11666190_10153356072595446_769921076883205562_nGrandma’s House‘ by Alice Melvin is an absolute delight and it instantly took me back to the days when I visited my own Grandma.

“Often after school I go to Grandma’s house where everything is different but always stays the same…”

Tate Publishing

11403071_10153356072710446_5898808786010016208_nWith ingenious fold-out sections and the clever use of die-cut pages, children will delight in exploring this vast house, rich with colour and intricate detail in every nook and cranny.

The die cut sections provide a teaser into the next room and glimpses of detail awaiting us, hence we couldn’t wait to turn each page.

GrandmaAlice Melvin is an award-winning illustrator and paper artist. Her picture books incorporate cutouts and flaps and her own distinctive style.

Grandma’s House‘ makes for a truly interactive picture book experience that both children and adults will love.


The dramatic fold-out spread which produces the jam-packed loft, evoked so many memories for me.

Melvin has encapsulated everything I too held dear about those treasured visits to my own Grandma, even the smell!

But where is Grandma? Go and find out for yourself!


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