Grandad’s Island by Benji Davies (Simon & Schuster)

imageWe feel very strongly about the role of picture books in handling difficult and sensitive topics, such as death for a younger audience.

imageDone well, this is a great way of making these subject areas accessible for a much younger audience and Benji Davies hasn’t just done this well, he’s utterly cracked it.

A brilliantly heart-warming and tear-jerking tale ‘Grandad’s Island‘ shows how those we hold dear to us, remain near to us no matter how far away they may be.

Subtly and gently told, using colourful, rich and vivid illustrations, this book will hold much comfort to very young children.

11062336_10153353310190446_7980814770830782540_nDavies has cleverly incorporated a powerful subject into an alluring and deeply empathetic picture book.

Spreads overflowing with detail and character will not fail to engage even the youngest of readers.

A poignant partnership of Grandad and Grandson, this book tackles the loss of a grandparent with tenderness, sensitivity and an uplifting injection of colour.

11188231_10153353310125446_1218423801483629668_nOut now, published by Simon and Schuster, this is one for bookshelves everywhere.

It offers a platform for those dealing with loss and may incite appropriate discussion around a tough topic for any child.


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