Max by Marc Martin

63483_10153332641055446_8112417237629655551_nThis is a story of friendship between a seagull named Max and a man named Bob.

A friendship borne out of a mutual love of fish and chips and who can blame them?!

Bob and Max go way back, but what happens when things unexpectedly change in the fish and chip shop?

11078253_10153332641095446_2235166095664756002_nEveryday, Max would drop in on Bob at the shop and every evening the pair would go fishing together.

Max even played a part in Bob’s fish and chip shop, greeting the customers and eating the odd chip or two, if he was good.

But one summer, life in the shop changed.

14906_10153332641115446_7388680684460513139_nBob was left with no choice but to leave and Max returns to find the shop empty and Bob gone.

“The shop was very quiet and there were fewer customers to greet.”

Will the friends ever meet again and will the lure of the fish and chips reunite this unlikely pairing?

11401204_10153332641170446_3844938664888423500_nWith beautifully composed pages and rich, inky backgrounds, each spread is an utter delight.

Author/Illustrator Marc Martin, is most definitely one to keep a close eye on. This follow-up to his award-winning ‘A Forest’ is mouth-wateringly good and we predict great things from the Melbourne based talent.

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