Take A Triangle by Britta Teckentrup (Words & Pictures)

11013340_10153302170490446_1480392536857911241_nWe’ve always loved Britta Teckentrup‘s bright, bold, visually appealing illustration and this concept book uses Britta’s style to perfection.

A stunning new series of sturdy books about shapes, ‘Take A Triangle‘ enables the reader to learn about triangles in an accessible way, with easy-to-grasp, every day concepts and attention-grabbing solid block colour.


With use of a limited palette on each spread, Britta demonstrates her clear and innate understanding of design, as well as translating her ideas into concepts that can be grasped by a younger audience.

Just look at the clever simplicity of this bird and the way it jumps right off the page. Britta’s design is timeless and has a certain retro appeal.


Such a creative use of triangles, encourages exploration and a more thorough and perhaps alternative, understanding of the shape.

One in a new series by Words & Pictures, this is another quality offering from the children’s book publisher.


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