Footpath Flowers by JonArno Lawson & Sydney Smith

11249161_10153299750340446_5936317118021376663_nWe were blown away by this wordless wonder from Walker Books.

Footpath Flowers‘ from award-winning poet JonArno Lawson, is a beautifully illustrated wordless picture book.

A gentle but powerful story, this book touches on the ordinary in a most extraordinary way.

imgresSuch a clever and impactful use of colour throughout the book, Sydney Smith captures this thoughtful storyline to perfection.

Use of stark, linear, inky black and white spreads with pops of colour, moving to an explosion of rich and warm watercolour spreads by the close of the book, you can’t help but drawn in by the powerfulness of the pictures.

FFIt’s basically a JonArno Lawson poem played out in a series of cleverly executed pictures.

As we follow the girl on a walk, with who we can only assume to be her Father, she stops intermittently to pick flowers on her travels.

She collects a formidable bunch, then readily offers her floral tributes to a number of unsuspecting characters along the way.

11219035_10153299750390446_2719479885262584864_nFrom a dead bird, to a man sleeping on a bench, the girl eventually gives away of the flowers she so carefully plucked. Further emphasising the gratification of giving.

Accentuating the ordinary and highlighting the enormity of small gestures, this clever, understated but highly poignant story certainly packs a punch.

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