Betty goes bananas in her pyjamas by Steve Antony (OUP Children’s)

11040928_10153309944555446_8785234556144539338_nTo celebrate publication day for Steve Antony’s ‘Betty goes bananas in her pyjamas’ here’s our tantrum-filled, drama queen inducing review.

In the follow-up to the hugely successful ‘Betty goes bananas‘ Steve has gone and done it again.

He’s captured those “I don’t want to go to bed!” moments, those “I’m not tired!” (in between the yawns) protests.

11407066_10153309944630446_3067281208193211199_nThis story will resonate with parents everywhere and *might*, just might, make children see the utter ridiculousness of their mini meltdowns. (Who are we kidding?!)

From the toddler tantrum in the frozen food aisle of the supermarket, to the outright indignant refusal to go to bed, we’ve all been there and this book tackles the drama that accompanies those tantrums with gusto.

11350511_10153309944675446_8352055125054848072_nBetty refuses to go to bed. Nope, she’s not going. Absolutely not!

She wants to play with her toys, paint a picture and make music. Anything to avoid going to bed.

Good old Mr Toucan, who I must say, has the patience of a Saint, gently tries to persuade Betty that a good night’s sleep would do her the world of good.

11401470_10153309944715446_1846318364175642886_nUltimately, the promise of a bedtime story finally makes Betty succumb to her bed.

A delightful and highly hilarious read, this makes for the perfect bedtime story for parents and children alike.

It’s official Betty is our favourite drama queen.


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