Crunch! by Carolina Rabei

11377156_10153307591235446_1748836227875957598_nMeet Crunch.  An adorable little guinea pig who loves to eat.

Nothing gets in the way of him and his food.

Or does it…?

Watch what happens when an unassuming and uninvited mouse named Cheddar pops up and wants to share Crunch’s feast.

1456516_10153307591280446_6026827816058869406_nCheddar is a hungry wee mouse and can he see that Crunch has enough food to share with him. In return for a smidgen of food, Cheddar offers Crunch a hug.

“A friendly hug.

How about a big friendly hug?!”

But Crunch rudely declines.

bc15473d948fbc1e949698ea5422ca3aThe scrawny little mouse just wanted a tiny, tasty morsel, but Crunch still wouldn’t share.

So Cheddar leaves, sad and still hungry.

11168882_10153307591375446_4457947105902991227_nBut Crunch’s conscience gets the better of him and he sets out on an intrepid adventure to find his new friend.

A beautifully illustrated tale of love, friendship and sharing by Carolina Rabei.

Perfect for small children with its overt messages, it will undoubtedly incite discussion around the benefits of sharing and trying new things.

Watch the trailer here


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