Wolfie the Bunny by Ame Dyckman & Zachariah OHora (Andersen Press)

11011123_10153299750130446_7907870290290006195_nOK, so your parents decide to adopt a cuddly little wolf.

That’d be fine for another pack of wolves perhaps, but a family of rabbits?!

Surely not?

That cuddly, little wolf won’t be cuddly and little for long and then what will he do?


“He’s going to eat us all up!” said Dot.

Why can’t Mama and Papa see the imminent danger?

Is Dot really the only one who can see how this is going to end? Badly! They’re all going to end up as dinner for the new, unwanted sibling.

Dot did not want Wolfie around!


She was always on her guard, but her new little brother just wanted to be with her. He grew bigger and she grew more cross with him, as he ate all of the carrots in the cupboard.

“Everywhere Dot went, Wolfie went, too.”

Will she ever realise that he’s no threat to her?

11216584_10153299750300446_2453497996620415338_nBorn from an idea by Ame Dyckman whose daughter would turn into the ‘Wolf Baby’, this highly amusing tale of sibling rivalry and unconditional love, will ring true for many of us.

Zachariah OHora‘s lusciously rich acrylic illustrations complement Ame’s minimal text and inject a subtle humour to the story.

We loved the striking cover illustration for this book when we spotted it on Twitter and the story is equally adorable.

We look forward to more book from this pairing.


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