Help! The Wolf is Coming! by Cedric Ramadier & Vincent Bourgeau

help-the-wolf-is-coming-1Help! The Wolf is Coming!‘ is a brilliantly simple, interactive board book for a much younger audience (suitable for ages 1+).

“Oh no! The wolf is coming!

He’s getting closer and closer — you’d better turn the page, tilt the book, shake it, and then slam it shut”

Gecko Press

11148789_10153299719055446_9206273929409049422_nAs the whiley wolf draws ever closer, the reader’s input is needed to help foil the wolf’s advances, by turning pages, tilting the book or even shaking this durable tome.

The bright, bold, in-your-face illustrations by Vincent Bourgeau, act as the perfect accompaniment to the minimal text by Cedric Ramadier.

11393255_10153299719000446_37233498305343891_nPerfect for a toddler or young emerging readers, this book will not fail to please with its highly interactive element.

After all, how often are you invited to ‘shake’ a book or indeed ‘slam it shut’? It almost feels naughty to be carrying out these instructions, as usually we’re told to take care of our books.

11181566_10153299718885446_5149786113587688889_nWe had great fun following the instructions laid out for us and much tilting, shaking and turning of pages was done.

This giggle inducing story reminded me a little of another cleverly executed book ‘This book just ate my dog!‘ by Richard Byrne, which incorporates some similar elements.

Such an ingenious way of engaging a much younger audience and one that can’t fail to please parents and children alike.


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