Sir Lilypad by Anna Kemp & Sara Ogilvie

11118850_10153281067920446_6780788906192649184_nFrom the award-winning duo who gave us ‘The Worst Princess‘ and ‘Dogs Don’t do Ballet‘, comes another belter from Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie.

Sir Lilypad‘ tells the tall tale of a small freckled frog named Tad, who longs to be a brave knight in shining armour, but no-one takes the pea-sized warrior seriously.

We can’t think why!

11350449_10153281068030446_8836154074051975266_nClearly, he must rescue his damsel in distress to prove himself and off he goes on his journey to find that illusive princess.

He finds ogres and wizards, forests and towers, but not a princess in sight.

Where on earth will he find her and what happens if she doesn’t need, or indeed want, to be rescued?

11264903_10153281068060446_339298221244394300_nEnter Sue, our eponymous heroine from the ‘The Worst Princess‘.

She single-handedly battles the baddies and befriends a fire-breathing dragon, perhaps she is in need of a brave knight?

The miniscule amphibian does his best to save the princess but as she’s not your usual whimpering wallflower or pampered princess, she finds him highly amusing.


Will he ever achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a brave knight?

This book is bursting with humour and fabulous minute details. Teamed with an up-beat, bouncing rhyme, it can’t fail to engage even the youngest of readers.

A truly uplifting tale about overcoming adversity, striving for your dreams and the true value of friendship.


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