The Cloudspotter by Tom McLaughlin (Bloomsbury)

11054801_10153282179350446_3997019284123557_nFollowing his beautifully written and illustrated ‘The Story Machine‘, comes ‘The Cloudspotter‘ by Tom McLaughlin.

A gentle and touching tale of friendship and the overwhelming power of imagination.

Meet loner Franklin, affectionately known as ‘The Cloudspotter’.

11148325_10153282179415446_3730451578891524555_nStanding on his ownsome, he gazes into the sky, spotting his own miniature adventures in amongst the fluffy white clouds, then he doesn’t feel so isolated.

“He could swim with jellyfish, drive racing cars and be the King of the Castle.”

11200780_10153282179375446_314079693668484324_nHe doesn’t need anyone else… or does he? One day an unexpected visitor shows up. The Scruffy Dog.

But what does she want? Surely not to share his clouds? He wasn’t used to sharing his adventures with anyone else, but could it be that two cloudspotters are better than one?

If you’ve ever spotted shapes in the clouds, then this is for you, published by Bloomsbury in June.


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