Jane Foster’s ABC (Templar Publishing)

11351239_10153266937960446_2290253625102533865_nFor us, there’s nothing more satisfying than a quality ABC book and this is a refreshingly different offering.

Textile artist, Jane Foster brings us a beautifully bold, retro-inspired trip through the alphabet.

With the use of vivid colour and thick black lines, each object immediately jumps off the page.

10430434_10153266938020446_1303763489899161196_nIt features both the traditional and some of the less obvious ABC’s, such as this sumptuously coloured armadillo.

Foster’s clever and sympathetic selection of palette, coupled with the luxuriously shiny finish on each image, makes this durable board book a perfect gift for a toddler or emerging reader.

P1180291The tactile nature of this book, makes it almost impossible to put down.

The cleverly selected muted tones of the backgrounds against the vibrant colours of the main image, makes this a visually strong book and in turn, a great introduction for a younger audience, to their ABC’s.

11265258_10153266938060446_1001108528392407485_nEasily identifiable imagery, with a strong, stylish graphical element will win over its youngest and oldest readers.

Adults will appreciate the style and children will thoroughly enjoy getting to grips with these bright and bold ABC’s.

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