This is Sadie by Sara O’Leary & Julie Morstad (Tundra)

11140239_10153253108055446_8792655668333230255_nWe love nothing more than a quirky picture book and we love it even more when it features a creatively quirky lead character like Sadie.

‘This is Sadie’ by the formidable picture book pairing of Sara O’Leary and Julie Morstad is a celebration of creatively quirky characters and positive affirmation of a wild and wonderful imagination.

11219407_10153253108150446_5875169582777570261_nIn Sadie’s short life she has already had her own adventures in Wonderland, been a boy who was raised by a pack of wolves and lived as a mermaid under the sea.

Sadie has a natural ability to turn a cardboard box into an enormous boat or cushions into an elaborate castle and up in the tree tops she chats to the birds.


“She has played the hero in the world of fairy tales.”

She’s no ordinary girl and that’s what immediately drew us into this story.

Imaginative play can often be hugely under rated or even worse, mocked.

11140254_10153253108100446_7304805790818810789_nBut for those who possess the special ability to make things out of other things and fly to new places with their almost invisible wings, this story will resonate with them.

It encourages the quirky, celebrates the creative, subtly champions recycling and allows you get lost in someone else’s imagination for a while. Total escapism at its best!

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