Minimobo books by Silvia Borando (Walker Books)

11200591_10153228325010446_208191978429340739_nOriginally published in Italy, these Minimobo books are highly clever, visually stunning and creatively expressive picture books.

Published by Walker Books, they provide a great platform for the younger audience. With guidance, these books will encourage children to make up their own stories and endings.

10995430_10153228325080446_7214725256602081612_n‘The White Book’ is a wordless picture book, aimed at early and emerging readers.

It allows the reader to creatively explore each spread, producing their own narrative, plot and ending. A valuable skill to instil in a younger reader.

The use of white space and only one other colour across each spread is hugely impactful.

11210493_10153228325110446_4835727520730887308_nIt’s refreshing to see wordless picture books aimed at the younger end of the reading spectrum.

Created by Silvia Borando, a visual designer and innovative creator of picture books, these books may appear to be simplistic in format, but are indeed a clever introduction to many areas of Literacy including reading, story making amd imaginative play.

11227623_10153228325255446_166697323666178855_n‘Black Cat, White Cat’ is another graphically strong book about opposites, adventure, discovery and relationships.

Using only black and white, this visually striking format works on every level.

Black Cat ventures out only during the day. White Cat will only go out at night, but one day they decide to discover each others worlds.

10641256_10153228325220446_681018387658116653_nFollowing the initial trepidation, they meet and help each other enter into their own very different worlds.

We can’t recommend these books highly enough. Strong imagery, plenty to incite discussion, encourage imaginative story telling and produce creativity among a younger audience.


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