Swimmy by Leo Lionni (Andersen Press)

11150649_10153221401205446_7247308310458500004_n“Swimmy” by Leo Lionni, is a powerful story about working together and using your initiative to overcome obstacles.

Lionni’s easily identifiable, signature style, created in a time before the digital age began, sees his raw yet sophisticated illustrations, filled with splodges of colour and an abundance of texture.

The almost childlike nature of his illustrations, make his work even more accessible to an emerging and younger reader.

11188336_10153221401340446_6041762916782156003_nWith what resembles a potato printed jellyfish, to doily printed seaweed, Lionni’s use of simple but impacful techniques, can’t fail to make the reader smile.

I defy anyone not to have fun creating images like these.

11150740_10153221401385446_3386387490564276517_nSwimmy is the only little black fish in a school of little red fish. One day his little red brothers and sisters are gobbled up by a tuna fish.

So off he swims alone, on an intrepid, fearful adventure. He meets strange fish, a jellyfish and an eel, until he stumbles across more little red fish.

11150641_10153221401260446_7722827700464061454_nBut they are too afraid to leave the shadows for fear of being eaten by the big fish. Determined little Swimmy comes up with a cunning plan and together they head off to enjoy the sea and all it offers.

This is a great resource for any home or classroom.


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