You Can’t Take an Elephant on the Bus by Patricia Cleveland-Peck & David Tazzyman

11059642_10153221401035446_8173244491249948587_n“You Can’t take an Elephant on the Bus” by Patricia Cleveland-Peck and David Tazzyman, is a fun-filled rhyming tale of how NOT to transport certain animals.

“You can’t take an elephant on the bus…

It would simply cause a terrible fuss!

Elephants’ bottoms are heavy and flat,

and would certainly squash the seats quite flat.”

11182107_10153221401135446_534697344506141385_nIt’s up-beat rhythmic verse and jaunty pace, keeps the reader both engaged and entertained.

We particularly enjoyed this spread of the tiger travelling by train with the sleeping, open-mouthed passenger to its left and the city slicker to its right, far too caught-up in his phone conversation to notice his ferocious, furry fellow traveller.


From the illustrator of the Mr Gum books, David Tazzyman colourfully injects a layer of visual humour which supports and complements the humour in each verse.

From whales on bikes to a hippo in a hot air balloon, we thoroughly enjoyed anticipating which animal might come next and what their particular mode of transport might be.

This is a great story for young and emerging readers and one that we will be revisiting again.


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