Where, Oh Where, is Rosie’s Chick? By Pat Hutchins

11069359_10153210878310446_6403254075731343558_nNot unlike many picture book lovers, we were super excited to see the long-awaited sequel to Pat Hutchin’s ‘Rosie’s Walk‘ in the Hodder Children‘s catalogue.

A mere 47 years after the 1968 publication, Yorkshire born Hutchins said of this follow-up “I only wanted to re-visit Rosie if the story made sense. I didn’t want to create something just for the sake of it.”

11178203_10153210878060446_1627288980580481205_nAnd she certainly hasn’t compromised the integrity of her original classic.

With her instantly recognisable palette, and iconic retro illustrations, we are reassuringly introduced to ‘Where, Oh Where is Rosie’s Chick?

11174927_10153210878225446_9075043961427698193_nIt almost feels like we know the story already and there’s a certain comforting feeling as you turn the cover to reveal the all too familiar spreads.

The sequel is an equally clever yet simple premise for a story, as Rosie searches in vain for her just-hatched chick.

She looks high and low, behind the wheelbarrow, under the hen house but Rosie can’t find her chick anywhere.

11011776_10153210878175446_7037135483761128225_nHowever, the reader is kept one step ahead all of the time. With visual clues and smatterings of Hutchins humour in abundance.

A second book wouldn’t be complete without that pesky fox and perhaps an addition of her own too…

In our view, it was well worth the wait.


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