Poppy Pickle by Emma Yarlett

549299_10153208602175446_6822049304898533599_nMeet Poppy Pickle, a little girl with a BIG imagination.

Even the most mundane task, such as tidying her room, becomes a crazy adventure with her mad cap ideas and wonderfully imaginative creations.

Poppy conjures up the most extraordinary characters with her weird and wild imagination, as they join her one by one in her room.

11182325_10153208602260446_3906955537462403768_nWith Poppy’s far flung ideas and creative mind, she can bring her dreams to life with a “pop!”

From a monumental woolly mammoth to a rather peckish croc.

And not forgetting the only puce flying pig we’ve ever seen, complete with pink wings!

11138614_10153208602345446_998296045246345828_nWe just adore Emma Yarlett’s characterisation and Poppy is a new favourite. Her big, wide eyes and shock of red hair make for a colourful female lead.

Yarlett’s choice of colour palette and the use of hand lettering in her books is utterly sublime. As is the way she depicts Poppy’s imagination in a culmination of vibrant colour, weird and wonderful shapes and ‘pops!’

11169418_10153208602405446_1179842284782136977_nBut what will Poppy’s vivid imagination lead to?

It all seems to be going well, that is until the mammoth puts his foot through the floor and the peckish crocodile takes a fancy to a tasty Poppy snack.

Watch out for the giant talking hot dog and the philosophical beaver, not to mention the pesky crocabee and the menacing T-Rabbit.

10409510_10153208602460446_6362660626675217309_nWill Poppy’s imagination get her into a pickle?

Go and find out for yourself.

Poppy Pickle is published now by Templar Publishing and we can’t recommend it highly enough.


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