The Yes by Sarah Bee & Satoshi Kitamura

11124480_10153198309055446_3572311758224685338_n“The Yes” by Sarah Bee and Satoshi Kitamura is a hugely empowering story.

Published by Andersen Press, this is a clever and insightful reinforcement of self-belief, challenging inner doubt and fear head-on.

Meet the big, bounding, cheerful orange Yes, as it leaves the comfort of its nest.

1526610_10153198309020446_4128199529036019313_n“In a soft comfy nest in a safe warm place there snoozed a great big orange thing called the Yes. He was snug, but the Yes had a Where to go to.”

Some argue that the philosophical nature of this book would perhaps be lost on a younger reader, but nevertheless it’s overarching message is a valid and clear one.

541597_10153198308960446_2370635793583829900_nThis, in our view should be explored by and introduced to a younger audience, validated by an adult for those under 5 years old.

The page layouts have a beautiful flow to them and the changing positioning of the text makes this a joy to read.

11151063_10153198308925446_9131750595033480422_nKitamura’s highly original and bold illustrative style both supports and brings to life the notion of being able to say ‘Yes’ when faced with an abundantly overwhelming swarm of ‘Nos’.

This is without doubt, a life-affirming story which astutely simplifies the complexity of its message with charm and style and for that reason we believe, it is great for younger children.


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