The Adventures of Mr Toad by Tom Moorhouse & David Roberts

11164803_10153181132215446_685008005918642894_nWe will never tire of David Roberts in this household and for us, his pairing with Tom Moorhouse has been a definitive success.

The Adventures of Mr Toad, has been masterfully retold by Moorhouse. The cleverly simplified story combined with Roberts’ vibrant illustrations capture the cheekiness of Mr Toad to absolute perfection.

11150615_10153181132250446_974583003567749726_nThis modernised version of the classic tale is told through the eyes of the amiable but rather unruly Toad.

We are also introduced the the other core characters from the original story, each given a rather dapper uniform and clear personality by Roberts.

11150860_10153181132295446_2114071440118243742_nYou can’t help but love the individual characters and despite their clear differences each one brings something unique to this quirky and humorous story.

This is a great introduction for younger readers to one of Britan’s best loved classic stories.


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