Animals – QED Publishing

11163743_10153180981645446_185306051637081256_nAnimals from QED Publishing is an encyclopaedic menagerie of all things four-legged, two-legged, furry, winged, scaly and much much more.

With an eclectic mix of animals from the deadly lionfish to the wide-eyed Aye-aye. This book covers a plethora of animals, including some of our most well-loved pets like the hamster, to the lesser known nudibranch mollusk.

We are greeted with an a11149545_10153180981745446_3589174822239685023_nrray of colourful and visually stunning varied animals on each spread. Too many to take in one the first read through.

Each animal is clearly labelled and fascinating facts accompany some of the intricately illustrated animals.

10929939_10153180981780446_5099321172088890583_nFor example, did you know the wolf spider has 8 eyes?

As well as the vibrant creatures, this book cleverly incorporates colour groupings and numerals, which adds another dimension for young readers to enjoy.

11150371_10153180981680446_3400985748442530103_nIt’s great to see more quality non-fiction being produced and this book is part of a series offered by QED.

We highly recommend this series of books for young and emerging readers. It’s one that you’ll revisit again and again and one that will keep both children and adults engaged.


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