100 Great Children’s Picture Books by Martin Salisbury

11149502_10153179065150446_9084417905485635353_nThis latest offering from Martin Salisbury is a MUST for all picture book enthusiasts and one which we have been drooling over since receiving it a couple of weeks ago.

It includes a varied, eclectic and down right surprising list of 100 great children’s picture books, that we should all be made aware of.

11167999_10153179065205446_9150460463906378098_nWhilst, clearly we are not the font of all knowledge on children’s literature through the ages, we thought we knew a fair bit about classic, new and vintage picture books, but it appears not!

We are introduced to some absolute corkers in this hefty tome and whilst it pains us to say, a good chunk of which we had never seen before.

11109717_10153179065310446_6978366936738188119_nIt includes some of the expected reads such as ‘Goggles’ by  the late, great Jack Ezra Keats, Town and Country by the unbeatable duo, the Provensens and ‘I know a lot of things’ by the incredibly talented Rand coupling.

11146303_10153179065245446_5938673157475994351_nBut it also introduces us to new material from around the globe, including this little gem from Japan entitled ‘Master Rabbit and Miss Haru’.

The soft, emotion-filled illustrations immediately stood out and we thoroughly enjoyed finding out more about the illustrator, Chiaki Okada.

1622745_10153179093040446_5825736492960268001_nFrom 1910 to 2014, it includes something for everyone and it will certainly open your eyes to new and undiscovered material.

We cannot recommend this enough. Anyone with an interest in design, illustration or children’s literature will undoubtedly love this.


One thought on “100 Great Children’s Picture Books by Martin Salisbury

  1. This has just gone on my wish list! I love finding new illustrators/picture books from around the world (especially Japan).

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