Colours by Aino-Maija Metsola

1509064_10153161479420446_8966176998561023494_nIf you’re looking for a surprising and vibrant introduction to colours (and words for that matter) for a young emerging reader, then look no further.

‘Colours’ by Aino-Maija Metsola is a stylish, design-led, sturdy board book aimed at a younger audience.

11090331_10153161479520446_5018302127015990196_nIt also provides an additional interactive element, as the lift-flaps reveal yet another surprise for the reader, which  then develops into a game of search and find.

We particularly like the bold use of block colour with clear, simplified imagery and it works perfectly for a young audience. (We tried it.)

11102743_10153161479590446_2147618650354252712_nOn each vivid spread, we are invited to find items that are not within that same colour group.

With each and every image clearly labelled in contrasting black or white to the background, this book also re-enforces individual letters and word formation for the younger child.

11133713_10153161479470446_2473618304919606965_nFor us, the artwork makes this book.

It doesn’t try too hard and we like that it keeps the images bold and simple.

It can’t fail to catch anyone’s eye with it’s striking palette, tactile pages and lift-flaps.

CBgJPtvW4AAi9HKBe sure not to miss Metsola’s ‘Counting’ book too.

With spreads like this, it’s bound to be another winner.



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