Polar Bear’s Underwear – tupera tupera

15406_10153136492815446_1505030936097845193_nSilly Polar Bear! He’s lost his underwear.

In order to begin this story, we had to remove Polar Bear’s red pants which snuggly fit this humorous tale.

So where does he start? Polar Bear can’t even remember which pants he was wearing.

10501972_10153136492900446_7027551789647603460_nGood old mouse comes to his rescue and offers to help him on his mission to find his missing undies.

How on earth he managed this we don’t know, but as we follow the search for his missing pants, we uncover numerous pairs of undies in a range of different shapes, sizes and colours, each belonging to different animals in the story.

11102611_10153136492955446_5724327306554437906_nBut will they ever find his pants?

First, they stumble across these brightly coloured, rather jazzy, stripy pair.

Do these belong to Polar Bear?


These belong to Zebra and they just so happen to be his favourites. Check him out sporting his favourite pair of undies.

They even find pants belonging to Butterfly, Pig and they don’t stick around too long to see Cat in her knickers.

Will they ever close the case of the missing underwear? It’s a funny tale with a twist and one that will amuse the younger reader without doubt.


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