Harvey by Hervé Bouchard & Janice Nadeau

21999_10153157065905446_2232204174319973718_n‘Harvey’ is one of THE most poignant and beautifully illustrated graphic novels we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing in quite some time.

Tackling death head on, in perhaps a ‘matter of fact’ way, but with great sensitivity and a strong emotional element, this book deserves high acclaim for handling the subject matter so openly and without the rose-coloured spectacles that often accompany a subject of this intense nature.

11133686_10153157066420446_147839956246092505_nSupported by Janice Nadeau‘s eerie yet powerful imagery, this story is played out through the eyes of young Harvey and the way in which he deals with the abrupt death of his Father.

Aimed at an older reader, (we would suggest 11+) Hervé Bouchard has pitched this perfectly and it will undoubtedly be the cause of much discussion regarding such a highly sensitive issue.

10355792_10153157066075446_2545834657738701977_nWith an almost sepia colour palette, the hues of brown and grey add a melancholic undertone to this already sombre story.

We particularly loved the composition of this book, with it’s uneven measures of text and illustration.

11136727_10153157066140446_4730006801491155178_nNot the expected layout and format for a graphic novel, but smattered with delicious hand lettering, lots of white space and sophisticated child-like illustrations, it makes for easy reading.

This is a clever, well thought out story, which will move even the hardest of readers and provide a very real commentary for the younger reader who may have had to deal with such tragic loss.

1926689_10153157065975446_310574120195871109_nWe urge any reader who appreciates a great graphic novel to seek out this one.

This is a seemingly raw and emotional look at death through the eyes of a young boy and one that doesn’t try to hide or gloss over the harshness of emotional trauma.


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