When Dad Showed Me The Universe by Ulf Stark & Eva Eriksson

10440715_10153142787445446_2779874427750188636_nThis modern Swedish classic now available in English is a definite must for all you Ulf Stark and Eva Eriksson fans.

‘When Dad Showed Me The Universe’ is  a great book for fathers and sons and is bursting with Stark’s infamous humour.

11124493_10153142787590446_615535809180514291_nDad decides his son is now old enough and wants to show him something very special…

The universe.

Wrapped up warm, they embark on their father/son adventure, in search of the universe and along the way they learn some invaluable lessons.


In fact, the journey there is more poignant than arriving at their ultimate destination.

Sometimes the biggest lessons can be learned when you least expect it.

With soft, muted illustrations, Eriksson plays out the story between father and son empathetically, magically and with an underlying subtle humour.10988091_10153142787835446_5272582728305652809_n

We would highly recommend this book for young readers and it would prove particularly poignant for any father and son, of any age.

This book allows you to open your mind to the world and what it has to offer and makes you re-evaluate what is important in life. A goosebump inducing story.

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