The Bus Ride by Marianne Dubuc

11075192_10153141239510446_3565922952578061878_nThe Bus Ride may look like an ordinary book, as it follows a young girl on her first independent bus ride to her Grandmother’s house.

But this book is far from ordinary.

It’s an extraordinary tale, with an introduction to a plethora of characters and minute details to pore over.

10330434_10153141239565446_3126428740298907113_nAs the girl sets off from home through forests, down streets and into a dark tunnel, she meets lots of fascinating and varied animal characters along the way.

From a sleeping sloth to a pickpocketing fox, the sharp eyed reader will spot that there are a number of other stories playing out alongside this girl’s solo bus journey.


Keep an eye on the changing newspaper headlines that covers the face of another passenger whom we never see.

Each spread displays the inside of the long bus, with plenty to be watching out for.

Marianne Dubuc‘s humorous gags and sense of playfulness is obvious from the outset.


Dubuc’s story is crying out for children to add their own imaginative edge to each sub story going on within each spread.

The characterisation of the animals is executed to perfection and it’s easy to spot the visual humour in this story.

This is a beautifully understated but highly imaginative and clever story from Dubuc as she continues to deliver high quality picture books for all ages.


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