Rhymoceros by Janik Coat

1545732_10153136493150446_1977013138119928703_nOne of the boldest, brawniest board books we’ve seen in a long time.

This tactile tome won’t fail to please even the youngest of audiences and could quite possibly handle anything they might have to throw at it.

In fact, it’s crying out for a bit of toddler terrorisation, including dribble, baby rice and other unmentionables.

1509884_10153136493430446_7672772690476955348_nIn her much-anticpated follow-up to Hippopposites, Janik Coat introduces us to a charming blue rhino, whose ability to demonstrate 16 pairs of rhyming words, is second to none.

From ‘caring’ and ‘daring’ to ‘mossy’ and ‘glossy’ this blue (sometimes green, sometimes brown) rhino portrays these rhyming words to perfection and on occasion, with a touchy feely element, such as the vivid green flocking for ‘mossy’ and the soft brown fur for ‘furry’ obviously!


This board book would provide a fabulous introduction to new words, rhyme, colour and texture for any emerging reader.

Coat’s use of bold graphical design and vivid colour will undoubtedly have broad appeal. Coupled with her injection of unassuming humour, this book will have both children and parents amused.


(Trust me, just look out for the ‘inky’ and ‘stinky’ spread and tell me you didn’t let out a snigger.)

This book, is one we’d highly recommend to a younger audience and one that will most definitely stand the test of time.

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