One Thousand Things by Anna Kövecses (Quarto Kids)

10345741_10153127134935446_5554827501495696829_nA visually stunning encyclopedia of first words for emerging readers.

One Thousand Things‘ is a veritable feast of colour, words and easily identifiable objects, split into manageable groups.

It’s a perfect introduction to new and not-so-new words for younger children.


In a bold graphic style, Anna Kövecses flawlessly manages to simplify yet enhance, each individual image.

From faces to fruit, each item is carefully designed with a minimalist, but rich palette.


Kövecses manages to bring a retro-modern and refreshing edge to such a classic subject.

Her use of colour and composition is pitched perfectly for a younger audience, but one which will very much appeal to an adult who appreciates stylish design.


Spot Little Mouse on every spread to discover a wealth of new words, supported by fabulous, strong imagery and clear labels.

There’ll undoubtedly be things you miss the first time around and this is a quality hardback you’ll want to return to again and again.


We can’t recommend this book enough for both children and adults.

If you enjoy great design and clean, strong imagery, then this book is most definitely for you.



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