The King and the Sea by Heinz Janisch & Wolf Erlbruch

11010300_10153120263065446_77724968491915975_nAnother exquisitely striking and unusually illustrated compendium of short stories from Gecko Press.

‘The King and the Sea’ is a series of ultra-short ditties from the internationally acclaimed, Heinz Janisch. It allows us to consider the bigger questions that life has to throw at us.

Each story packs a punch and the bold, collage composition is a welcome change in style.

11053301_10153120263340446_5041887947754806078_nFrom the same illustrator that brought us ‘Death, Duck and The Tulip’, Wolf Erlbruch’s iconic style of collage was evident from our first glance at the cover and we adore his meaty design style.

The vast off-white spaces are complemented by the clever, bold use of collage and encapsulate the brief text in one spread.


One of our favourite spreads and accompanying short story is ‘The King and the Tree’.

“What do you do with your crown?” asked the king.

“Well, said the tree, “I let birds live in it. And the wind. Children hide in there, too.”

“I see,” said the king, and he stood for a while listening to the leaves.


The stories are succinct and to the point with a profound and often deeper meaning.

The king tries to take control of each story and soon realises his power is limited and that actually the world is a diverse place that operates under its own rules.


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