Ladybird by Design – Lawrence Zeegen

1510671_10153111655765446_5581280144243727953_nLadybird by Design by Lawrence Zeegen is a delightful trip down memory lane.

Swamped with those well loved and fondly remembered texts that were part of our upbringing.

For many of us, Ladybird books are a staple part of our early reading library and help sculpt our formative years.

11071610_10153111655620446_8469469405496796043_nThese iconic books have now been serving children, parents and grandparents for 100 years and Ladybird continue to print wholesome, illustrated books for children.

The instantly recognisable fonts and bold covers are studied in more detail, with an in-depth look at the illustrative influences and design decisions behind these classic books.

11030860_10153111655685446_1732738914835665558_nThe exploration of the vintage books, was our particular favourite section.

From 1950 – 1970 some of our best loved titles were published and included a few which we have never seen before.

There is also an accompanying exhibition at the De La Warr pavilion


If you’ve ever read a Ladybird book or have a recollection of one of their iconic covers, this will not fail to fill you with a warm fuzzy feeling and an overwhelming sense of nostalgia.



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