A Bed For Bear by Clive McFarland

11060305_10153111756500446_8692036452127655471_nWill Bernard the bear ever find the perfect place to rest his weary head?

It’s close to hibernation, but the bear cave has become far too noisy and overcrowded for Bernard, so off he plods to find a new place to sleep for the winter months.

Surely that’s not going to be too difficult?

17503_10153111756670446_5351380140216063247_nAll he wants is to find a bed for the winter. Is it really that much to ask for?

But finding the right bed is much more challenging than he’d first anticipated.

In his picture book debut, both written and illustrated by Clive McFarland, we are introduced to this loveable bear on a mission to find a bed and not just any bed, the perfect bed.

11058407_10153111756735446_5464914993952025687_nThe bold collage illustrations, accompanied by the large white spaces on each spread makes for a perfect bedtime read.

With minimal text on each page, even the youngest of audiences will not fail to be engaged in this delightfully heart warming story.


So will Bernard ever find the right spot?

Perhaps it was right under his nose all along.

And if our review isn’t enough for you, why don’t you take a look at the trailer here.

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