Hungry Roscoe by David J.Plant

11006462_10153106877415446_1635009113217125568_nRoscoe is a racoon in search of a much improved menu for his lunchtimes.

Fed up of the usual scavenging through the bins for leftover scraps, Roscoe dreams of ‘a lovely bit of fish or some fresh, juicy fruit.’

His friend Benjy suggests he tries the zoo. What a haven for a hungry raccoon with his sights firmly set on a sumptuous feast.


Writer/Illustrator David J. Plant has used a colour palette with a very vintage feel and his bold style of illustration coupled with detailed line work, makes it a pleasure to turn each page.

Can Roscoe trick the bad-tempered zookeeper in order to get his hands on some juicy fruit or that longed for bit of fresh fish?

Watch and enjoy as Roscoe chooses more and more elaborate forms of disguise to try and hoodwink the exasperated zookeeper.


Here he is dressed as a tortoise, of sorts!

Needless to say he doesn’t manage to evade the sharp eyed keeper and is promptly booted out of the zoo.

What on earth will he come up with next to foil the determined keeper?

Wait for it…


Of course! Roscoe rustles up the perfect penguin profile.

But he’s fooling no-one and particularly not the zookeeper. Luckily, Roscoe escapes by the skin of his teeth but only to reek havoc at the zoo the next day, with a laugh out loud ending.

This a playful book and one which is immersed in humour and silliness. Perfect for a young reader who can watch the story play out within the illustrations alone, perhaps whilst an adult narrates.

Another beautifully presented book from Flying Eye Books.

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