Lili by Wen Dee Tan (Fat Fox Books)

10603688_10153100037850446_6975596632705911891_nMeet Lili.

Lili is quite literally a fiery red head, in more ways than one. And if you think you’re having a bad hair day, you should check out Lili’s bad hair month!

A poignant story in which Lili’s shock of flaming red hair is the cause of her inability to fit in and make friends, but then ultimately the reason why she is accepted.

11070208_10153100037960446_9134989461003035152_nWith deceptively simple illustrations, Wen Dee Tan‘s use of minimalist monotone images with pops of almost luminous orange is utter genius.

The powerfulness of each spread is generated through Tan‘s perfect execution of the flame-haired protagonist. She is able to convey the range of emotions that Lili experiences with raw lines and what appear to be smudges of charcoal.


A strong female lead who is able to be overwhelmingly brave but at the same time sensitive, is so refreshing to see in a picture book and a role model I am so encouraged to share.

Published by Fat Fox Books, Tan came 3rd in the Macmillan Prize in 2013 with these striking illustrations and it’s easy to see how she was presented with this accolade.


We absolutely adore this book, for many reasons and hope we continue to see more picture books emerging with Tan’s trademark style.

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