How Big is Big? How Far is Far?

11040395_10153093622590446_36547419828450125_nSuch a fabulous introduction to explaining how big, old, fast heavy, strong, slow or far things actually are, through the eyes of a child.

Portrayed in terms that even the youngest reader can comprehend, this is a brilliant precursor to the inevitable looming questions, with all of the answers laid out with vivd, screen-printed graphics.

10647108_10153093622690446_2505362459612081202_nWith answers to questions like:

How far away is the moon?

How heavy are 10,000 pounds?

How big is a blue whale’s heart?

The use of clear, strong visuals to represent how big something is in relation to other well known objects, makes these facts much easier to digest and renders measurements and dimensions much more comprehensible.

10404129_10153093622775446_7498187280452768371_nWe love Jan van der Veken’s work and once again, he has pitched this non-fiction work of art to perfection. His bold illustrative style paired with an injection of humour, makes the objects he has depicted instantly recognisable and much more accessible.

We whole heartedly recommend this book for both emerging and young readers, as the stimulating visuals often need little narrative.


This is a stylish and light hearted look at comparisons, which will inform and engage a young audience and at the same time will undoubtedly delight a more mature audience.

Beautifully packaged with sturdy quality pages, it’s a book that we just can’t put down.


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