The King Cat by Marta Altés

10981950_10153083972530446_1448304318582057315_nThe King Cat is a hilarious tale of cat meets dog, new arrivals, jealousy and the art of compromise.

This story would be the perfect accompaniment for the arrival of a new baby for an older sibling.

Watch what happens when the top dog is the cat of the household and that hierarchy is threatened by the arrival of a dog.

11021274_10153083972695446_3458773549528559101_nWonderfully observed and executed as always by author/illustrator Marta Altés, the clever characterisation of the cat and dog are captured to perfection and who knew a cat could have so many weird and wonderful facial expressions.

“Dogs are annoying

Dogs are strange

Dogs are disgusting.”

11025163_10153083972975446_1940317626394119418_nWhether a cat or dog lover you won’t fail to be won over by the visual humour in this story and it has it in abundance.

The way Altés is able to perfectly pinpoint the expressions of both the cat and dog speak for themselves and need no narrative.

We particularly loved the twist at the end of the story and one we’d highly recommend.


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