An Occupational ABC – WORK by Kellen Hatanaka (Groundwood Books)

10981358_10153073571020446_6560636641535459534_nWe spotted this gem by Kellen Hatanaka, on Twitter and when it arrived it was even better that we’d anticipated.

Thank you Groundwood books!

The clean graphic styling on the cover is just the beginnings of a most unusual and utterly refreshing occupational ABC, which continues throughout the book.


This particular ABC of occupations defies many of the stereotypes we are often subjected to and breaks down the usual barriers to show strong, empowered women.

Ultimately designed to teach children their alphabet, but at the same time, introduce them to a whole range of perhaps unexplored occupations, this enlightening list offers rather more alternative lines of work.


It’s really refreshing to see women in some of these more male-dominanted professions. Captured as strong individuals and not the simpering wallflowers, as are often depicted.

Reminiscent of Blexbolex, Hatanaka has managed to incorporate a fabulously diverse range of characters including all shapes, sizes and colours to reflect the rich tapestry of people and working environments we have on offer around us.


We particularly love this image of the postal worker, with a more brawny stature and unwavering inner strength. We’d love to see more characterisation on this level.

Offering a veritable smorgasbord of careers and vocations, this is such a great starting point for young readers to be introduced to and open their minds to less obvious places of work.


It’s certainly a positive move towards providing a more varied and eclectic answer to the “what I want to be when I grow up” question and one, which should be offered to all children everywhere.



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