Jules and Nina Dine Out

10397981_10153049671840446_2154791819313130481_nFor ‘Jules and Nina Dine Out‘, we were sent an enticing doggie bag, in a cleverly executed take-out box, complete with napkin and hand wipes.

We were prepared for the first course in this series of books, just a final peruse of the menu and we could dig in.

For starters, you may think from the title that Jules and Nina might perhaps be sisters or friends, but as is evident from the cover, Nina happens to be of the four-legged friend variety, along with George, who you’ll spot in this story, but you’ll meet later in the series.

11001752_10153049671565446_3956823942784035374_nMuch to the horror of her Father, Jules has treated Nina to 5 star treatment for a long time. Nina has dined in numerous restaurants and has been fed tasty titbits under the table in many establishments. She is almost treated like another human being.

So when Jules, Mum, Dad and Nina head out for dinner, Nina is understandably excitable. But this dinner trip isn’t quite as successful as the others had been.


Nina isn’t permitted to dine in the restaurant and she is forced to watch on as her owners tuck into some tasty treats. But in order to make Nina feel better, Jules pretends that the food is inedible and pulls faces and makes rude noises. This will not fail to please the younger reader.

This quirky tale with equally quirky mixed media illustrations really stands out from many other picture books on the market. We’re intrigued to see where Anita Pouroulis and Agata Krawczyk take these characters next.


Agata Krawczyk’s illustrations are bold and totally different to what we are used to seeing in picture books. We particularly liked the array of hair-do’s (and don’ts).

My 7 year old noted the “different patterns and photographs of cabbages”. She also spotted all 25 snails hidden throughout the spreads.

It’s definitely one that dog lovers will relate to and children will delight in. This is the first in the ‘Jules, Nina and George’ series and is published by Digital Leaf in May.


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