The Underwater Fancy-Dress Parade

11017546_10153049672100446_3480036192314335736_nAn utterly charming and touching story that will twang at the heart strings of even the hardest readers heart.

This beautifully packaged book, embossed with shimmering detail and pops of colour will undoubtedly resonate with any of us who have ever been the tiniest bit scared about anything!

(That’ll be all of us then!)

10985378_10153049672025446_7474809982801572963_nThis story follows an intrepid and particularly shy, Alfie on a journey of self discovery and a tough life lesson of learning to overcome his fears.

“The day before the Underwater Fancy-Dress Parade, Alfie got that feeling.”

But with the unwavering love and constant support of his parents, surely Alfie can’t fail to succeed?


Alfie is anxious and his anxieties are played out through his dreams, which include an unassuming, but angry hat-wearing octopus and an orange, spiky pufferfish.

Awash with fear, Alfie confides in the cowboys on his wallpaper.

“I’m not brave enough to be Captain Starfish”

10991395_10153049671990446_6195810619715983059_nWill Alfie ever be able to overcome his fear and take his part in the Underwater Fancy-Dress Parade?

Whether he does or doesn’t, he certainly learns a lot about himself along the way.


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